Thursday, October 9, 2008

Today I watched Amelie, Fur and Annie Hall while I ate pasta salad out of a bowl the size of my head.
I bothered Bonnie and snapped her photo while she was attempting to cat nap in the kitchen floor. I'm not sure she appreciated it.

Then I just laid in my bed and watched the shadows fall across my closet door.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Attack Hoppers

I was walking into the studio to pick these pieces up out of my studio space when a gigantic grasshopper jumped right into my face and smacked into my glasses.
It totally came out of nowhere and then buzzed around smacking into walls. I felt kind of guilty leaving him trapped inside but I wasn't about to be sneak attacked again.
Third drawing of the semester and I like the direction in which things are going. It's kind of refreshing, making these carefully planned little shrines to my found object collections. Trying to find a balance between rendering forms and patterns, as well as incorporating more layers and hand stitching.
I think this new shift in concepts could carry me pretty far.

I Love Fashion Week

Yummy little Christopher Kane creations.

Eley Kishimoto cuteness.

Luella's ready to wear collection is my style soul mate.

If only I had the money...