Monday, October 22, 2007

soggy days

rainy days in which you are forced to run about outside are quite miserable.
my pants were soaked up to the knees all day. even my feet feel pruned due to tennis shoes completely soaked through, and sopping wet socks.
a nice wooly sweater, normally a warm delightful clothing choice, became a cold and wet choice of outerwear, never fully drying out completely throughout the day.
an otherwise cute, but far too small umbrella resulted in a trip to wal-mart to invest in a larger water-resistant companion.
it's days like these that they should cancel classes and force everyone to stay in the comfort of their own homes. i would have given anything just to snuggle up with a heavy quilt on my couch and watch horrible movies.
today bela lugosi meets a brooklyn gorilla was crying out for me.
bela lugosi wouldn't stand for such a waste of such a perfectly soggy day.

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