Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Sometimes I'm guilty of just throwing drawings together, I start with a plan but somewhere along the way I'm simply just putting pencil to paper and seeing what comes out of it. I don't normally draw with color, I'm not sure why, so this was a bit of an experiment to begin with but now it's derailed and ended up here.
I don't know where to take it. Right now I'm thinking about sewing some forms on top of these drawn ones, in white. Who knows. I just keep staring at it, unsure about where to go.

Little trinket drawings, which I love.

I love this guy. He's big and beautiful and I stabbed myself a million times trying to sew through this thick paper. I made a makeshift awl using a large needle wrapped in scotch tape so that I could puncture it first.
I feel like they're little stained glass windows of my collected objects and special little bits. I love it's imperfection and soft staining and chine colle components.

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A Beautiful Party said...

very nice! i love the first drawing especially.