Monday, October 19, 2009

ephemera memories

Recently I came across the work of Jen Blazina and fell in love. She makes beautiful pieces combining print and reclaimed objects. On her website she writes than some of her work "recalls the significance of ephemera of time and portrait".
I feel at home looking at these installations, mimicking personal shapes of lockets, pocket watches, and elaborate portrait frames.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Been photographing some of my old work so I can put together a good portfolio so I can possibly get into some places like Montserrat, to finish up my undergrad.
These are some of the stuff I have documented so far. Will add some more observational drawings and about 6 more prints. But, I'd like some impartial feedback about whether you think these are good pieces to submit.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Right now, I am in love with these installations by Daniella Woolf. Such beautiful pieces and a total inspiration to me; such a lovely interpretation of how to display and work with amassed collected objects. I love their simplicity and how when they are combined they form something intricate and strong. They become something that feels personal, though it may not be our own.

Collected rolodex cards

collected tea tags
collected tea bags
personal checks

found paper

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Sometimes I'm guilty of just throwing drawings together, I start with a plan but somewhere along the way I'm simply just putting pencil to paper and seeing what comes out of it. I don't normally draw with color, I'm not sure why, so this was a bit of an experiment to begin with but now it's derailed and ended up here.
I don't know where to take it. Right now I'm thinking about sewing some forms on top of these drawn ones, in white. Who knows. I just keep staring at it, unsure about where to go.

Little trinket drawings, which I love.

I love this guy. He's big and beautiful and I stabbed myself a million times trying to sew through this thick paper. I made a makeshift awl using a large needle wrapped in scotch tape so that I could puncture it first.
I feel like they're little stained glass windows of my collected objects and special little bits. I love it's imperfection and soft staining and chine colle components.