Thursday, September 3, 2009


I'm a city girl by nature, but every now and then I really crave a camping trip. I think maybe it goes back to childhood; my family and I would go camping several times a year. When most families take vacations to Disney World, we would go on camping trips for several weeks at a time. Even though I would often miss the amenities of modern living I secretly loved coin-fed cold water showers, campfire cooking in crusty old dutch ovens and itchy flannel sleeping bags. The smell of smoke sparks cravings for sitting around a fire at night, staring into the flames. Daytime hikes lead into afternoons lying around the campsite, reading in the shade.
I've been desperately trying to get my family together for another one of these trips and I've planned out a few days in The Great Smoky Mountains. I have so many memories of this place as a child, splashing around in creeks and morning fog rolling through valleys.
So many beautiful places to visit, so many beautiful things to see. I am obsessing.